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May 2, 2010 by Marla Comments Off on Testimonials

Marla is a fabulous yogi and a facilitator extraordinaire. Marla has a non-judging ear, a comfortable hug, mindful words, deep-knowing eyes, a quick and sharp mind, a wondrous smile, infectious laugh and an incredible humour. Every class that Marla teaches is different; her depth of knowledge, practice and personal reserve is immediately apparent to all.
A retreat experience with Marla will unify your heart, soul, mind and body creating a new or renewed personal peace and contentment. This may read or sound corny; HOWEVER, I best describe my experience of retreat as bordering on mystical and magical. Regardless of where your personal journey is at the beginning of retreat – from strife to bliss – by the end you will feel a positive change. Marla’s retreats stay with you. Yes, your life and the world continue to unfold. Their inherent pressures intrude afterwards; but if you remain open and calm, truly amazing things will happen for you. The locales are gorgeous, as are the hosts and the food.

Gavin Sharkey
Ottawa, ON

I have had the pleasure of studying both intensively with Marla and also practicing on a weekly basis at one of her many classes. Marla’s compassion and friendly exuberance keeps me coming back! I feel challenged and safely supported in her classes in a way that allows me to explore my limits and be open to new possibilities.

Amelia Schembri
Yin Yoga attendee & student

As a yoga teacher, Marla has a unique ability to open doors to your heart and soul.  Her light hearted approach to teaching and the depth of her knowledge made a yoga class more than an exercise class.  It was Marla’s ability to connect deeply with the class, impart calmness and confidence that made yoga accessible for me.   While she encourages each person to find their own way, she has the ability to make us step out of our comfort zone to explore new sensations, feelings and experiences within ourselves. Her ability to connect breath and movement through yoga allowed me to experience a new way of being.  Marla gave me the confidence and opportunity to continue along the yoga path to experience a journey that brings me closer to who I am.

Diane Proulx
Ottawa, ON

I have been practicing yoga and meditation for the past 10 years and Marla’s classes have always been a major part of my practice. Whether I am feeling drained, down, anxious, or wired, I always come away from Marla’s classes feeling calm, connected and rejuvenated. Marla provides the words, the sounds, the energy and the love that helps you re-connect with your spiritual core. Whether its a class, a retreat, or a one-on-one session, Marla’s deep knowledge of Anatomy, Yoga, and Spirituality combined with her limitless Enthusiasm, Creativity, and Blissful Humor, will empower you to see your true Self and become the best of who you are.

Chris Heeney

Yoga is for everyone.  However, not everyone knows or understands that yoga can be a life altering experience. It is the yoga teacher who most can impart the information and the opportunity to give individuals the chance to develop a deeper sense of self.  I was fortunate to have met Marla and was inspired by her to become a yoga teacher. It was her gentle encouragement, genuine self and generosity that gave me the opportunity to take my personal growth in new directions. It was Marla’s teaching style that opened so many doors.

Diane Proulx
Yoga teacher
Ottawa, ON

This testimonial speaks on behalf of a community of beloved students who have been deeply enriched and touched by the powerful teachings of the yin/yang experience.  Marla provides the most sacred, safe and nourishing container for students to lovingly delve into the human experience.   Embedded within the fabric of teachings are Buddhist principles, non-duality and the dynamic, powerful, all encompassing Marla who delivers like no other a “womb-like” opportunity to compassionately touch, embrace and love our humanness.  As we soar amidst and beyond the human journey, it is the love, truth and authenticity of Marla’s spirit that seemingly fuels the wind beneath our wings.

Chris Erdmann Boyko,
Beloved student, instructor, owner
and operator of Yoga for Today
Sherwood Park, Alberta

I can truly say that meeting Marla changed my life. Her insightful and knowledgeable approach to teaching yoga and meditation taught me how to calm my mind and be present for the unfolding of my life, in good times or bad. I am so grateful to Marla for this gift!

Catherine Caron
Student and retreat participant

Marla’s teaching of yin yoga and meditation has had a profound influence on how I practice and teach yoga and on my interaction with the world around me.

Marla’s emphasis on the internal practice in yin yoga through self referencing and self acceptance and her attention to the subtle energy body, one’s psychological and emotional states in the present moment, have added immeasurable benefits to my ashtanga and hatha yoga practices. Yin yoga’s focused attention on pranayama and chakra meditation has opened a way to create harmony and balance in a life dominated by activities that are primarily yang in nature.

Marla’s 40 hour Yin Yoga Intensive Teacher Training was a treasure of discovery. Her lucid integration of Taoist and Buddhist teachings was a valuable addition to my study of yoga philosophy. It opened many new ways to meeting the challenges in everyday life.

Above all, studying and practicing with Marla has fostered a deeper understanding and acceptance of self, compassion and kindness toward self and others. I am grateful for every session with her as it is always a treat for body and soul.

Rosemarie Taylor
Yoga teacher and Yin Yoga intensive participant, Ottawa, ON

I went to this retreat expecting to do some yoga, learn how to meditate, relax, and have a much needed break.

However, I came away with so much more. I learned to let go of the past and move on to a brighter and happier future. I met some wonderful people and will never forget this amazing experience. It was truly soul cleansing. Namaste!

Lynda Giambattisto
Student and retreat participant, Ottawa, ON

Marla’s approach to yoga is multi-level. She takes the physical asanas and blends them beautifully with the spiritual, more profound aspects of the practice to provide her students with a whole-person approach. Her bright personality and pure spirit transform each class into a community where beginners through to advanced yogis can benefit physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

During my time with Marla, I have come to appreciate her genuine understanding of what I need, always delivered in a reassuring manner. My personal practice and outlook on daily life has been altered by her acute teachings, based in a solid foundation of knowledge. This is well-balanced by the fun and wittiness that she infuses into each of her classes. Every class is like coming home.

Tania Gauder
Yoga practitioner

Everyone loves Marla! I have attended her weekly yoga class as week as three weekend retreats. The journey has been extraordinary in every way… skillful teaching, great variety, in-depth knowledge of yoga and meditation, subtle sense of humor and an appeal to all ages and all levels of yoga ability. To join Marla’s class is to give yourself the gift of personal growth and enjoyment. Namaste…

Diane Pearce
Student, Ottawa, ON