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April 11, 2010 by Marla No Comments »

Marla is proud to announce the opening of Empower ME Yoga – Eastern Ontario’s newest Yoga studio and Teacher Training Academy. As an award-winning fitness professional, Marla is creatively pioneering the mind-body movement while honouring the ancient wisdom traditions of yoga and meditation in Ottawa’s west end.

From her vantage point in the yoga realm, Marla skillfully weaves the principles that govern optimal human function into her approach to practicing and teaching the contemplatives arts.  Integrative fitness is the junction where her unique skills converge to inspire and motivate others to realize and reach their potential.  Her signature brand of programming – Tranquility for the Fitness Soul™ – represents the collection of resources that make personal transformation possible.

Marla teaches and shares her experience with creative flare and a passionate spirit.  The core of her business involves teaching in the community, training yoga teachers and fitness professionals internationally while maintaining a clinical exercise therapy practice.

e-ryt 500 certificationMarla is on the advisory board for the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals, a professional member of IDEA, holds an E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance designation and she manages her career through Empower ME Lifestyles in Ottawa, CANADA.

As an authentic expression of her life experience, Marla is a compassionate professional with an insatiable desire to share the rich and diverse gifts of her own life by enabling others to find tranquility in their own souls.