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…a web destination for discerning FITNESS & YOGA ENTHUSIASTS

Marla Ericksen is the thriving presence behind Empower ME Lifestyles and the creative entity behind Tranquility for the Fitness Soul™ programs. Whether you want to attend one of Marla’s weekly classes, study to become a Yoga teacher, learn to meditate, strengthen your core, or retreat & rejuvenate in beautiful places; this is where you need to be!

Marla is a highly skilled and sought after yoga teacher and integrative fitness professional. She certifies yoga teachers and trains fitness leaders internationally while maintaining a clinic for therapeutic applications of both fitness and yoga. Her classes, workshops and trainings are some of the most well attended in the Ottawa area and beyond!

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Empower ME Yoga is Ottawa’s newest Yoga studio and the first Teacher Training Academy in the area. As owner and managing director of EMY, Marla has a beautiful new container for all of the classes, workshops, intensive trainings and private work. Please visit the EMY site for more information and come visit soon!